My Intro to Piano

This song is beautiful. I know nothing about piano music (and I rarely listen to any) but for some reason this song has been continually going through my head this past month. Might have to do a Pandora station on this to find more 🙂

Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche


In honor of 2-21-2014

Here’s another example of why I love Myon and Shane 54.  I saw them at Exchange LA on Friday and it was amazing 🙂

Anatomy of a Megamix 3 – basically showcases one of their mixes and shows which songs are sampled/used throughout. Anyway, I thought it was cool.

Dat Beat

I know there’s many different sub genre’s for this type of music, but I’ll sum it all up as down tempo for now.  In college I listened to this kind of stuff all day. “Moon” was one of the first (and more notable) songs that really caught my attention.  I’m a sucker for anything that has a sick beat.

Little People – Moon

Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough (Album)

Although this is technically a different genre, I’d say it more accurately falls under down tempo.  This is hands down my most listened to album (ever) and I think its this most well-crafted album I’ve ever heard.